Great weekend!

This weekend was fab. Really, it was. Although, of course I didn't quite get as much homework done as originally planned, I did get a fair bit done. And I did work a couple good 8hr shifts (Friday and Sunday), by golly we're getting busy these days at SaveOn. You can totally tell that the holidays are coming. The lines are atrocious on a semi-regular basis now (especially when co-workers call in sick or just don't show up), but people are buying totally fun stuff! I just wish that we hadn't run out of Childrens Miracle Network paper snowmen: it was such fun selling those and knowing what a great cause they were going to.

Winter Waltz was amazing! Odd, mind you, since I'm realizing more and more these days how many of my friends have significant others compared to the previous year(s). A great thing though! 🙂 I adored the dancing: it had been since July that I'd been off the dance floor! So this felt great! And BPs afterward was great too! Stellar to just hang out with friends, and have a good time.

I just have 1.5 papers to write now (both by next week due to the going off into the wild blue yonder… Indianapolis… for CKI at the beginning of Dec), 1.5 poems (both by mid this week), one midterm and two finals… not to mention read a few pieces of lit (3) for class. The semester is totally winding down. Just in time for Christmas to pick up! 🙂

I'm thinking of typing up a similar list of stuff I want as my friends have been. I've been realizing as of late that there's a lot less stuff that I want that I can actually remember or put into words these days… we'll see what happens. Perhaps later I will do this, given that I've been trying to brainstorm a list like that anyway (I kinda have to every year anyhow).

And I'm also considering having a small holiday gathering some time… doubtful however… we'll see. In any case, I do know that I'm going to wanna get busy during the holidays… so dependant on my work schedule, there'll be a lot of volunteering, socializing, and partying if all goes well. 🙂 So I hope people stay in touch with me over the holidays 🙂