Happy—- !

So… the week's going well… 🙂 Or rather I'm doing well… or a combination thereof! 🙂

Tonight I'll return to the dance floor… after not really doing any good ballroom or anything since July (wow!). I'm totally looking forward to it! As for what I'll wear, well, I still have options… And I adore dressing up anyhow… so that'll be fun! 🙂

This morning I did some internet stuff, CKI stuff, and then watched some crappy TV before rewatching Spy Kids. Totally goofy movie in a sense, but one that makes me motivated to get stuff done. So I finished writing my Sestina about happiness and started listening to some groovy music ready to type my sestina up, and get some crazy fun stuff done… well homework and CKI work anyway… before stepping in the shower to get ready. If I'm lucky, I'll get all ready long before I need to and will thus get some other CKI or school work done before I need to leave for Winter Waltz anyhow.

I think I ought to start thinking 'bout Christmas sometime soon as well: I'm slowly compiling a list of what I need to get done (as per usual). So I've a ton of cards to write evidently, some more small gifts to put together for the CKI board (then again, I think they're going to be spoiled anyway at this rate… oups!), family and friends gifts to arrange, and well probably a few Christmas CDs and tapes to listen to (CAN'T wait! LOVE Christmas music… and to wear my Santa Hat… and to volunteer with kids! It's such a great time of year!!! Oh and right, I'm running a Secret Santa gift exchange too!). Evidently since people always wanna know what I want for Christmas I'm also making a list of that kind of thing… not getting far fast however, but it'll do.

And I guess I ought to update my resume and type up a cover letter if I'm even still thinking 'bout being a TF again. I adore doing it, even the bits that I'm not a fan of, so we'll see. I wonder what I'll actually get accomplished in the next little bit 🙂