Rememberance Day, School work, and all! :)

The week is nearly over, and what a week it has been!
Wednesday was a computer infused, homeworky work day: six hours of work, plus various other small things (like homework and computer stuff… plus of course some CKI fun! I'm still not nearly as productive as I would like, but it'll all get done somehow… the homework especially!)… Then after a bit of grocery shopping and some watching of the Boob Tube, and my first glances at some more CKI business, I spent a good social evening with Jackie, Shawna and Greg. It's always fun to go to BP's (afterall, I definitely go there often enough!), to spend time with friends, watch 10 Things I Hate About You, and play games (this time Scene It… I need to get meself Trivial Pursuit sometime!).
Come 6ish, the evening was over… A good social night by all accounts! (only downside is the lack of homework getting done I would presume… but meh!
In any case, once I awoke before 11AM's moment of silence, I was able to eat breakfast and get some more internetty stuff done. I'm far too lazy when it comes to homework however. It is certainly not getting done quickly enough… *sighs* On the bright side, In Flanders Fields was an example of the type of poem (sort of) that I was looking at writing. And Dylan Thomas' Do not go gentle into that good night was another great one to look at when constructing my excersize poem for class.
I just have to get more productive again… soon I'll be writing Christmas cards again… so I'd better get cracking!