Quiz courtesy of Garrow! :)

Name:: Ali
Birthplace:: British Columbia, Canada [well this is posted online, afterall]
Birthdate:: July 24
Current Place of Residence:: Edmonton
Family Members:: Mom, Dad, and two younger brothers aged 19 and 16 (again, it's the internet!)

Color:: red
Beverage:: far too many good ones: Smoothies, hot chocolate with whipped cream (various types… mmmm!), hot tea, some types of ice tea, hot apple cider, juice, and so many more!
Movie:: Gawsh! I can never answer this one correctly… I'll just list three good ones: Romeo and Juliet (from 1968), Nice Girls Don't Explode (B movie from the 1980s), and Shall We Dance (afterall Dominic and Delphine are in it!!) (2004)
Musical:: Gawsh… I NEED to see me some musicals! *sighs*… I love the soundtrack to Les Miz and Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Board Game:: ADORE 'EM! Especially TRIVIAL PURSUIT!!!!!!
Computer Game:: hmmm… Definitely Master of Magic (although it's so old that it would never run on our computers now… *sighs*… other than that, well there's just simply too many GREAT games to play! (yes, I AM female and I DO play computer games… I just try not to spend too much time doing so…)
Game to Roleplay:: I've never really roleplayed persay. Kinda wanted to try sorta… but not really… need the right group of people… heard too many uh… stories I think.
Animal:: I like turtles/tortoises, Butterflies, and Elephants best.
Sport:: Ballroom Dancing and Walking (to do). I like watching ice sports and swimming (I also like to do 'em, but hey, I'm not all that proficient)
Book:: So I don't have a fave at the moment. Been too busy reading excellent course books… but no free reading as of late. I do love Mercedes Lackey novels though. And of course SO much more! 🙂

A Day In The Life..
School:: University of Alberta
Typical Mood:: depends… interested usually… not terribly motivated… but interested.
Usually Found?:: at work, on the computer, at school or doing something for CKI
Collects:: Glass objects, and FAR too many other things 🙂

Have You Ever
Been kissed:: Yup
Done drugs:: nope
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No
Eaten sushi:: Yeppers!!! AWESOME food! (grew up with it!)
Been on stage:: Of course
Been in a car accident:: not really… unless you count the small things where cars sorta bump into each other.

This or That
Cold or Hot:: Hot actually is nice.
Blue or Red:: RED! 🙂
Rain or Snow:: They're both good.
Wool or Cotton:: Cotton I think.
Private or Public School:: public.
Chocolate or Plain Milk:: chocolate is yummy… but I like skim milk normally.
Celsius or Fahrenheit:: CELSIUS!!!
Spring or Fall:: Both are good.
Science or History: I rather enjoy both!
Math or English:: English… but barely… I actually do like math as well.
Do you like somebody?:: doesn't everyone like other people? 😉 If that's like crushes, then no not at the moment.
Do they know?:: n/a
Do you want them?:: n/a

Who do you e-mail the most?: everyone in CKI most likely.
Who do you IM the most?: Pete, followed by MKFR committee members and Anastasia among others these days
Who are you talking to now?:: I'm not talking right now.
Is this survey lame?:: It's one I haven't done yet, so that's good enough for me!
Isn't bzoink! nifty? =) :: Ummm….yeah about that….
In 24 hours have you…
…Showered?:: yeppers!
…Had a serious talk?:: Depends on what you consider serious.
…Hugged someone?:: nada. 🙁
…Gotten along with your parents?:: didn't communicate with them.
…Fought with a friend?:: Nope
…Done something kind for someone?: yep.

Do You Like To…
Give hugs?:: yeppers!!!
Give back rubs?:: It's fun occasionally! 🙂
Take walks in the rain?:: I do… unless it's really harsh rain… or hail. Puddle jumping is fun too!
Cook?:: not particularly. I prefer eating.
Eat?:: You mean people would answer no to this?!?
Sleep?:: Sleep's a good hobby, yes.

..Knows you the best?:: That's a really good question. I think I know me best… but asides from that, I really don't know currently.
..Have you known the longest?:: My parents of course! 😉 but as for current friends I see a lot of, Kim probably… although others have known me when I was younger.
..Do you know the most about?:: beats me!
..Is most likely to end up in jail?:: I certainly hope no one that I know.
..Can you go to with your problems?:: depends on what problems.
..Do you want to get to know better?:: lots of people!!!
..Do you spend the most time with?:: Well… Greg 'cause he's my roommate currently… asides from that who knows!?

Have You…
..Been to a concert?:: yep!
..Loved someone so much it made you cry?:: Family
..Cheated on a test?:: yep… usually unintentionally (eg. accidentally see someone else's exam in cramped exam room) but I have.
..Ever stalked someone?:: Nope
..Done something you regret?:: Yup (who hasn't?)

Random Questions
Single or Hooked?:: Single
What is your worst habit?:: letting myself get stressed about stuff that doesn't matter.
Scariest moment?:: I honestly don't know.
Do you swear too much?:: Naw.
How do you feel about homosexuality?:: Perfectly fine
Where are you right now?:: in front of my computer (whoa, you don't say?)
Are you sitting by anyone?:: nope
What song are you listening to?:: Here Comes the Sun — The Beatles
What is the last thing you said?:: CA-NA-DA (one little two little three Canadians)… (yeah… I was singing the 1967 Centenial song… so what?)
What's on your mousepad?:: It's a University of Alberta Libraries Sticker mouse pad.
What are the last four digits of your phone number?:: no comment (this is the internet afterall)
What was the last thing you ate?:: a bagel with cream cheese… speaking of which, I should have lunch!
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?:: red
How many buddies do you have on your list?:: uh… *looks* 35+43+4+46+2+96+6+16+29= 277. So I guess that's it.
What's the weather like right now?:: the sun's shining… and the temperature's -1.13 Celcius, (or 29.96 Farenheit for you Americans)
What do you feel like doing?:: eating lunch.
What is your favorite quote?:: There are simply too many great ones!