Another day of mishaps and well… accomplishment I guess…

So today I got up, lateish, but that's okay by my books. Spent the morning in front of this ol' computer getting some of the multitude of assignments done for class… and of course catching up on my internet stuff… great for edumacating meself 'bout stuff of note, I would presume.

Spruce Ave was fun as per usual. What was more amusing however was the blind guy on the bus today. Not because he was blind, but because of the way that he was talking to the bus driver. Very odd, not unexpected, but not of the usual. People around him seemed rather turned off by his mere presence (and I don't think that his talking about drinking like that was terribly attractive either, but people were rather rude).
It was a pretty great day, and it was nice to have good Cargo & James Tea downtown (and I saved 10% too! Yay for picking up discount cards!). I also liked my yummy dinner (and catching up with Trishi, Rich, Jasmine and Matt was great too!). Feels weird running into people I know from other places when hanging out with people I didn't know that they knew each other. (does that even make sense?)
Anyway… I managed to leave something at the restaurant (fortunately they have it on hold for me), and managed also to end up with two painful knees. VERY annoying. Otherwise I would have stayed at the Globe longer, because the smoke hadn't really gotten to me too much at that point (my chest was constricting, but I could have made it another half hour most likely). At least the Globe is conveniently located near me… I CAN'T wait for the smoking bylaw!!!