Random comments of the day

So Bush seems to have won. Does this bother me, no. It's actually pretty much what I had expected after watching the little smidgens of the news that I had seen leading up to the election brouhaha. Glad that that election has somewhat taken place in any case. Now just have to pay attention to Alberta's election some more *groan*. I wonder when 'King Ralph' will be back on the campaign trail. Really too bad about his mother dying.

You know what? I woke up early like usual today… had a good long shower (felt good) ate breakfast (and lunch later) but slept the day away mostly. Really weird. I probably needed it, but it was supposed to be the day when I would get stuff done! *sighs* 'tis life!

Yesterday was an odd one school-wise: Firstly Drama 102 was GREAT (got to pick out directorial approaches for Oedipus… which was amusing… especially the one where someone wanted to make a political commentary setting it in the USA with Bush as Oedipus, and the War on Terror as incest… that one was shockingly funny… and horrible too at the same time. *sighs* I'm so glad that election's somewhat done!). My next class had a substitute teacher, and thus I learned about the history of Islam, and of well that entire area of the world during the middle ages (or thereabouts). Lots to Caliph Ali or any of the other Alis which likely help to make up the reason why people often get mad at me for being female and not Muslim. In any case, I learned a ton, even though it was rather unusual to learn about that in my comparative literature class rather than learning about the text at hand. My third class of the day was cancelled (my prof was sick). My fourth class was a field trip to the Edmonton Art Gallery, so I went early and explored on my own before pushing my injured prof (who fell on the ice the previous week) around the Gallery for the tour in a wheel chair. Fun, but unusual day, especially since class ended around 1.5hrs early.

So I returned home to frozen pizza (gotta start buying yummy food instead of stuff that's mediocre me thinks… sheesh!), and of course to housework, tv, procrastination… oh yeah and that thing called the US election.

And I suppose that that sums up what I wanted to type about today! 🙂