Sometimes I think I'm far too good at procrastination (or being so busy that I NEED to procrastinate to get my bearings again). At least, I'm feeling rather a LOT better the last couple days. Still a little sore throatish on occasion, and a bit sore today (wearing heels for 8 hrs of work, even if they are like my most comfy shoes ever is a little bit the cause). But I realize I have at LEAST 4 essays and a presentation to worry about this semester, most of which I really haven't made much by way of headroads on. Then again, some of which I really can't do much with, and for others I haven't figured out what I'm doing just yet. And of course I still have a few CKI tasks that sit on my plate ready to get done, but I'm making decent inroads on those as of yet.
But that's enough of pleasant procrastination for my day… honestly, as far as most people tell me, my procrastination is effective, given that it allows me to get things done. I figured out that much in grade school.
Halloween was nice. Didn't see as many costumes on Sunday as I did on Saturday at work, but there were some pretty darn good ones done by my fellow employees! You see, given that I was essentially a vampire's victim (complete with some rather realistic fake blood consisting of children's makeup), it was great that my BOSS (one of 'em) was a vampire, complete with makeup and fangs (although he had to wash his makeup off once it started to peel badly). So I could blame the coworkers that were vampires for attacking me (there were several) when people asked the obvious question about my costume. I also got a lot of compliments — nice for something thrown together relatively last minute out of what I just happened to have lying around the apt. Costumes this year were interesting. A lot of she devils in black dresses and red accessories. One of my coworkers was a pumpkin. Another was a person from the beach. A third was a sheep (really cute too!). We even had a leopard working in our store! LOADS of cowboys and cowgirls (partly due to our promotion in the meat department) helped make things interesting. I rather enjoyed the costume of our resident CSI! One coworker was self-absorbed with sponges attached to her outfit! It was a GREAT day! As for other great costumes: Harry Potter, Willy Wonka, Charlie Chaplin, the Ace of Spades, Angels, Cats, and so many other interesting stuff showed up. Gotta say, that was fun!!!
Anyway… that's all for now!