Monday morning musings :)

So it's Monday morning, and no one answers the phone… well that's not exactly correct, but when calling specific people whom I expect to reach, I'm always disappointed when they do not answer. Not that this is an unusual occurrence however.
Today I have to do a presentation for my poetry writing class on George Bowering's Allophanes. This should be interesting. Especially since my throat has still been slightly annoying at times. Not that I entirely mind, but it would be easier if my throat wasn't playing games with me, really.
Another great thing is that I'm finally writing again, letters that is. Not many, but I'm slowly catching up on a bit of the necessary writing that I ought to have been doing anyway. My wax seal is fun to play with (thanks Kim!), and my stickers are of course still a joy. It's been a good and relaxing weekend: I even cleaned the oven (well sort of anyway. Still a lot of cleaning to get done, but no complaints there. Now if only things would work out a lot more pleasantly more often… Oh well, I ought not to be complaining, since life is going just perfectly, even though I'm not getting perhaps quite enough homework and CKI work done.
Oh! And I'm back to knitting whilst watching television. I ought to do more of this, as it keeps me productive yet, relaxed. I need to redevelop those knitting calluses anyway! 🙂
Gosh it's going to be a GREAT day! 🙂