Random reflections…

So it feels good just to veg out. Not that I really have the time for vegging, but I think I rather need it mentally and physically on occasion, and thus I indulge myself rather regularly. Right now for example I'm procrastinating homework by typing in my LJ, surfing the internet and generally listening to great music (CKUA rocks!! Especially during their semi-annual fundraiser, where they play the bestest songs!).
Yesterday was great: it was wonderful to see Kim again, not to mention have some yummy food, and see a great movie. Yes, I finally caught Shall We Dance? at the theatre. I was quite happy to see it, especially since it was considerably better than I'd expected… I was laughing quite a bit, and smiling with a rather great grin in the movie theatre.
Even spending the evening playing board games and watching TV was enjoyable. Perhaps I could have been doing homework or CKI stuff, but really it was worthwhile to relax.