Because I haven't done a quiz in a very long time….

I haven't done a quiz in quite a while. So I'll do one now, while in desperate need of not wasting my time, but wanting to procrastinate anyway.

Last Questions:
Last Movie You Saw In The Theatre: I dunno. I recall watching Terminal in late July. I don't think that I have seen anything since.
Last Movie You Rented: I rented? Uh… well… back before I owned the movie, I rented Where the Heart is. That was before I lost my Rogers Video card.
Last Movie You Bought: I buy movies? I highly doubt it.
Last Song You Listened To: I dunno… one of Greg's CDs last night I would presume.
Last Song That Was Stuck In Your Head: Something by the Newsboys actually is stuck in my head right now… as for the song title… meh I don't remember.
Last Song You Downloaded: Gotan Project – Santa Maria –> from Sorefeet.
Last CD You Bought: Uh… well I bought a bunch at once. Mostly compilation albums. All from the Bookstore CD sale.
Last CD You Listened To: One of Greg's CDs.
Last Person You Called: I think it was Laurell.
Last Person That Called You: Uh… Well… Wess was someone I actually talked to.
Last TV Show You Watched: Well… we watched Holy Matrimony (1994), a movie on TV last night after watching CSI.
Last Person You Were Thinking Of: Well… lots of people actually. Probably Greg due to the fact that the previous question referenced something we did together I would surmise. However in other terms, Wess, Josh, Kim and my Parents.

Do you…
Do You Have A Crush On Someone?: what is a Crush really?
Do You Wish You Could Live Anywhere But Here?: At the moment I rather like my humble abode, although I really should get off my tush and keep it cleaner.
Do You Get Along With Your Parents?: Why wouldn't I? Sure we're different people, but we certainly get along as typical parent/daughter relationships should go in my mind at this point.
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?: I honestly don't know. Attraction at first sight certainly.
Do You Think About Suicide?: Who doesn't? I wouldn't kill myself. However it's present in media etc. to such an extent that one must think about it even if only in relation to others, or to fictional/hypothetical situations etc.
Do You Believe In Online Relationships?: It can work. Then again I refuse to communicate too too much with people online that I have never met in person to begin with, so whatever.
Do You Have A GF Or A BF?: Not particularly, no.
Do You Currently Love Anyone?: I love many people.
Do You Find Yourself Attractive?: I can be.
Do You Find Yourself Ugly?: sometimes.
Do Others Find You Attractive?: I have been told on occasion that they do. Even whilst hypnotized, apparently I wasn't repulsive. Then again, I DID have some rather ugly expressions on my face at the time, and no evening gown or wrap can disguise that fact.
Do You Do Drugs?: no.
Do You Smoke?: NO!
Do You Like Fishing?: Let's put it this way: I prefer doing other things.
Do You Like Cleaning?: Not particularly. Although, I really wish I had the time to clean everything with less on my mind such that I didn't live in a disaster area of papers, books, and other clutter that is all my own. *sighs*
Do You Like Roller Coasters?: They're okay. I rather prefer other things however.

For or Against:
Long Distance Relationships: Never say never. I could probably handle them myself. Not perhaps the easiest or best state of affairs, but if that ends up being the case, so be it!
High School Long Term Relationships: No harm in it I suppose, assuming that people aren't deluding themselves, deceiving each other, or not listening to their own hearts and minds. In fact it can be a mighty good thing for some most excellent people I know or have known.
Using someone for personal pleasure: Don't we all do this sometimes? However, I believe that if this harms the other, or is done without the other's consent, or in any way is negative, then this may not be a good thing. It all depends on what using someone means.
Killing People: As much as I really do not like the practice, there are certain situations where it may just be necessary. What these situations would be will depend of course on many circumstances, but I'm not going to say that killing people is outright right or wrong.
Assisted Suicide: Really a tough issue. I don't know what my view is on it exactly, at least not at the moment.
Skipping school: Only if you have very good reasons.
Teenage smoking: Against, although really, what can we do about this really? And honestly, I'm not so much against people smoking as I am against people disturbing my air quality, given how darnned sensitive I am to secondhand smoke.
Doing Drugs: Against, unless necessary for medical reasons, however it's more a personal choice than anything, and as long as they do not harm others it would be okay… but how would they prevent themselves from harming others anyway?
Driving Drunk: AGAINST. NOT something I EVER want to happen. So what if I live in Alberta? Dying is NOT on my agenda for the week… nor will it ever be due to THAT cause I hope.
Gay/Lesbian Relationships: For. I'm not against. Why should I be? Honestly, some of the best people are involved in these relationships. As long as it makes them happy what's the problem? (assuming that it doesn't negatively affect others… depending on how)
Jerry Springer: Not a fan.
Soap Operas: HATE how stupid these are. Had a roommate who watched them all the time. Was QUITE annoying.

Best Questions:
Best Friend(s): I'm just not going to answer this one. Why? 'cause it's really something I don't even know the answer to sometimes.
Best Person To Talk To: People who have stuff to say. Who can hold up their own end of the conversation and likely share some interests and/or beliefs/values/etc.. Of course a clone of myself would be highly annoying to talk to… gotta have diversity of things too!
Best Gum: Trident's good. But I don't chew gum normally.
Best TV Show Of All Time: Too many good ones just to choose one.
Best Online Friend: Do I really know anyone well enough ONLY online to classify them as such? I have afterall met nearly all in the flesh with whom I communicate regularly.
Best Thing That's Happened To You: I dunno. I was born/hatched. I lived. You know, general stuff that's important.
Best School Subject: Beats me. What I like I'm not necessarily as good at as what I think is merely okay.
Best Thing In The World: Trust I suppose. Not that I'm terribly trusting. Sure, I'll tell people a whole lot about myself, but do I really actually trust people? I dunno. Caring, Emotions, and whatnot are likely also incredibly important
Best Thing To Collect: Experiences. (I collect a lot of physical things of course. But Experiences are quite the thing to collect.)
Best Colour Of All Time: How could there possibly be one? White then. Because it is a summation of all the colours of light. Or black because it is a summation of all the colours of pigment.
Best Piece Of Clothing You Own: I rather like a particular jacket I own. There are other items of course.
Best Thing To Do On A Rainy Day: Either a) spend time with gloriously wonderful people or b) reading an excellent book whilst in the piece and quiet of my mind.
Best Stuffed Animal You've Owned: Bear-y of course! He sits on my couch or love seat, and keeps me company these last 3 years. Quite the comfort when people etc. are none to me.
Best Feeling In The World: Feeling welcome.

Fav Questions:
Fav Food: I somehow doubt that I shall ever have any one particular favorite food.
Fav Song: Too many favorites to list.
Fav Thing To Do: spend time doing things that matter/spending time with individuals who matter to me.
Fav Thing To Talk About: Things that matter to people
Fav Thing To Watch: Stuff that shows insight into people places and things.
Fav Sport To Play: I honestly do not know. I rather like playing various things… just the problem is that I'm not terribly good at it.
Fav Sport To Watch: Figure skating. (and all other sports as well. I try not to spend too too much time watching sports however)
Fav Sports Player(s): I dunno. I rather like a lot of 'em.
Fav Thing To Drink (non-alcoholic): various things!!
Fav Thing To Drink (alcoholic): no clue. People haven't educated me on this.
Fav Thing To Wear: I rather like semi-formal/formal clothing as I've discovered. Weird if you consider that I rarely wore dresses as a child.
Fav Thing To Sleep With: I dunno… blankets.
Fav Person To Talk To: lots of people. one on one though.
Fav Thing(s) In Your Room: Photos. Souvenirs. Trinkets.
Fav Picture: too many good ones.
Fav Movies: There are quite a few.

Have You Ever…
Have You Ever Cybered?: huh? No.
Have You Ever Drank alchohol?: yep
Have You Ever Gotten Drunk?: no.
Have You Ever Been In Love?: doubtful. Lust. Attraction. Like, yes. But otherwise, not.
Have You Ever Felt Completely Happy Even Though Things Aren't So Great?: yep. Like now. 🙂
Have You Ever Cried Because Of A Member Of The Opposite Sex?: Yes!
Have You Ever Been So Awake Yet Tired At The Same Time?: YES!
Have You Ever Read A Book That Was So Good That You Couldn't Put It Down?: of course.
Have You Even Given Or Received Flowers?: Yes. I have received flowers. Given? Yes that too.
Have You Ever Lied To Someone?: Yes, who hasn't.
Have You Ever Got In A Serious Fight?: I doubt it.
Have You Ever Been Arrested?: Nope.

How Questions:
How Many TV's Do You Have?: One
How Many Computers Do You Have?: One
How Many Phones Do You Have?: One
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?: As much wood as a woodchuck could 😉