Sore neck, now sore throat, tired, happy, and home!

Hi All!
So, for the past week, I've had a sore neck. Which is a real pain, if you know what I mean! But now I feel really under the weather. My throat hurts for example. This is a real annoyance. While I got over 8 hrs of sleep last night, I'm still exhausted, which also doesn't help. I don't wanna read my poem out loud for class today either, since it will hurt to talk most likely.
But asides from that I'm all good. Less productive then I well should be, yet I'm pretty pleased overall. Most of my homework got done on plane flights and layovers. Utah was a good experience overall, and I truly had an enjoyable time at SPLAT!
Utah? Yes, I went to Utah! Flying into Salt Lake on Friday was entertaining, United Express/Skyservice is ALWAYS early (odd for an airline!), which makes for a longer layover sometimes (and an early arrival home yesterday). I was picked up at the airport after a bit of time, and we went to downtown Salt Lake City (which has some really great architecture!) for some yummy lunch.
After an adventurous drive north, we arrived at USU (Utah State University) where I would spend the weekend. A VERY successful and enjoyable weekend overall, I am VERY pleased with my entire trip/weekend.
Now if only I could convince my body not to be sick and get my homework done, all would be good, right?