Hacking coughs, poetry, banks, and stories…

So, I learned today that I'm rather disruptive when I have a cough. But I feel much much better these days, now that I'm not so ill (at least sick-wise).

I read my poetry for my poetry class today. I wasn't terribly surprised at the response I got for it. It was afterall a rather odd poem… but stereotypical at the very same time… which was fun to write. Especially considering that I wrote it during my English class inspired by a poem that we were learning about in that particular class. I'm really going to like the challenge that that Write class poses.

To the bank I went today. This was good because I had money to deposit. I also needed some American cash for the next little bit (given my travels). Problem is of course that they never seem to keep enough American dollars at hand in the bank. And I rather hate travelling with really large bills, especially considering the counterfetting problem in the USA (yes, I've encountered it in Canada too… but that's in my place of employment). But those are the breaks I guess. Maybe people don't travel enough out of Edmonton? I dunno.

So the short story that Butala read today at her reading was rather good. I'd love to be like her one day: be able to go around and read my eventual works like that. Wow. Or to even be nearly as eloquent as she… *sighs* How cool it is to listen to prose works (and poetry!) out loud.

I seem to be lacking in the realm of eloquence tonight, so I'll stop there for the time being.