Ever felt absolutely calm, for no particularly glaring reason?

Today I woke up motivated to get stuff accomplished in the CKI realm. Then I promptly fell asleep and had some awfully weird dreams. But now that I'm back among the waking, and with just over an hour before my shift at work begins, I'm enjoying my day.

Things go well enough as of late. Sure the beginning of the school year is an adventure and a half, but that's only to be expected: afterall I just started a new degree, gained a new roommate, volunteered for a lot of great things, and well, in general am working on getting things back on the go in the CKI realm. Personal growth is of course going to be found to a great degree in the next year and beyond, and I'm looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead. Of course I doubt myself, but what else is expected, really? If I didn't doubt myself, I'd be rather disturbed, so all is good in effect.

And well, with this nice motivated calm, I suppose that I can likely accomplish many a thing.
Let's just hope that I somehow manage to finish my readings in time for classes :).

Balance is important afterall. And that's what I strive for, a good balance in my life.