Packing up again…

So Hypothetically, today would have been the day where I would get SO much accomplished. Instead, I cleared out a lot of the old and unimportant messages from my e-mail account… and packed a few things. But as per usual, I'm not getting enough *productive* work done before my next voyage. It's not of course that I'm not productive, but rather that I'm not getting enough done for my own happiness. *sighs*

Between now and the time I leave the country again, I will do the following:
1. get up early-ish tomorrow
2. Do a load of laundry
3. Attend the Saskatoon berry tasting panel (they were SOOOO good last time, yay for free food!)
4. either a) hang around campus or b) take the train home and get more stuff accomplished.
5. volunteer at some Ronald McDonald House event of some sort
6. attend a concert
7. finish packing etc.
8. sleep? (hopefully a little bit)
9. Get up around 3:30AM
10. finish preparing to leave the country
11. get to the airport around 4:30ish
12. Plane takes off around 6:30AM. Gotta love this lack of sleep thing.

And I'm not even remembering the bills to pay and things to do. My own fault I suppose. I just hope I don't forget anything too important.