Wishing dishes would clean themselves… ugh.

So… It seems I'm working a lot of evening shifts as of late. How nifty.

Anywho, me thinks me shouldn't be complaining about lack of dishes doing themselves 'cept for the fact that I don't remember making a good number of these messes, and that I was the last person to do a load of dishes (aside: I'm hoping the butternut squash I put in the oven tastes as good as it's smelling. YUM!). Unless my memory serves to be incorrect (which it could well be, although I'd hate to think that), the masses of dishes with food caked on to them do not seem to be from things that I have eaten. But whatever. Let my complaints be known. Sure… that's it…. Ali's one big complainer… yep. That's Ali… SURE…

In other news, work is insanely busy. It truly is. You see that crazy storm that hit us a few days back caused people to not shop on that particular day, and I guess that meant that they would overflow onto the rest of the week's shopping days. Good stuff? I don't think so. People don't like shopping in a zoo of shoppers. But I do my job I guess… as complicated as that is…. (after being here 3 years, you'd think that I'd know what I was doing).

Anyway… the more time that goes on, the more I'm looking forward to this CKI year. It's not as if I'm really being any more productive than that at the moment (just watch my room get messier rather than cleaner… *rolls eyes* I keep starting to clean and then get distracted or something. Making a big production of cleaning is just not worth my precious time I think… I'm tending to get more and more frustrated about the whole thing. At least my bags are unpacked, and my clutter is slowly migrating to its rightful locations.

Oh and the butternut squash is delicious. I should buy it more often.