Food in tummy… yummy! :)

So… I sit here… pondering what to do in the next oh let's say 15 minutes before work… and then I say… well, why not write me another LJ entry? The last one was rather sad and complaining-filled (not nearly as good as a yummy filled Doughnut or anything). Fortunately sad and complaining-filled LJ entries do not entirely dominate my posting experience (thank goodness too. especially since the last two major complaining-ish entries have mostly rectified themselves. Me thinks I have got to stop being silly about some things… but whatever). [In other news, my name was wonderfully misspelt by an airline again. Fortunately this time not on the ticket. Thank goodness for that, because it take so much work to rectify that kind of problem!]

I think the next thing I'll jabber away about is going to be a no-brainer: CKI friends. Sure I type enough about them as is, but really, what better place to type about how wonderful everyone is than LJ? Now, if only they weren't all so far away for the most part…. *sighs* (you may notice a trend in my LJ, which is to bemoan the fact that everyone is so far away. Notice now that the majority of the membership of CKI that I happen to know (barring my own club) is located in this vast other country to the south. Now notice that there are even others in Jamaica and elsewhere still. This includes elsewhere in Canada. No, my entire circle of friends IS NOT CKI people (if it were… I wouldn't be surprised if I went nuts and rampaged the city of lets say Edmonton or something… but that ain't the case, nor will it be unless a) everyone on this planet joins CKI or b)I curl up in my own little shell of CKI-ness… neither of which I think are things which would happen… although a is a rather attractive option (would easily fix a certain financial thing people keep chatting about… 😉 ).

Now that my head's out of the clouds for a moment, I'd like to thank my CKI friends (before I forget that that's the reason why I'm jabbering on about this particularly over used topic for like the millionth time) for being just that: friends. I don't expect them to be gods or invincible immortals or anything else rediculous. Or to expect me to be the same. So they deserve my thanks (undying grattitude is likely a little much… 😉 ). And more than that, they will continue to deserve my thanks, and well wishes, so long as they remain my friends. For, I miss the majority of them (the ones I don't see often enough)… and sometimes wish that we could travel from place to place instantaneously (like outa some sci fi flick for example).

Now this is no time to neglect my other friends. The Sorefeet gang for example has been a lifesaver many a time, the LJ-group has made for some fun encounters. I'm also quite pleased to have met so many of my current roommate's aquaintances. And of course all the wonderful individuals who have helped me get this far… from so many other places! I gotta run to work now. bye!