No destination….?

I feel like I'm sort of spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere today. But I don't really have a destination in mind.

Anywho… some random-ish thoughts for the day:
1. It's really hard to do anything when you don't know what to do.
2. It feels really lonely when you're busy missing a ton of people who happen not to live in the appropriate country.
3. Instant messanging systems are not nearly as good as real life communication.
4. Dreams can be shattered instantly.
5. People will never be perfect. Even if they were there wouldn't be a point in so being.
6. Apparently I like making absurd lists like this one.
7. I need to get out more.
8. I also need to get something done.
9. Even running around in a hamster type wheel would be more amusing at this point.
10. Sometimes I think that it's a shame that I don't have stronger opinions on certain things. Then I realize that usually it's 'cause whether it matters a lot to me or not, often I don't have enough information to make a properly guided decision. Fancy that.

That's enough nattering for a day. Maybe I'll turn the computer off and get something done? Yeah… that's it. Really.