Here's another of those long quizzes… a new one though.

layer one

— [People Call Me:] Ali, Ali Kira, Kira Ali, Al, Alicat, MR. Ali __________ (okay, I'm getting sick of this, and it's not just Mr. Lyle Oberg anymore… why oh why do they ALWAYS assume I'm male??)
— [Birthplace:] A touristy town on the TransCanada Highway in the Interior of BC (I'd say… but I like to protect some of my privacy and anyone can read this, right?)
— [Current Stalk Me AtΓǪ] Edmonton, Alberta
— [Eye Color:] Brown
— [Hair Color:] Brown
— [Height:] 5'3.5
— [Righty or Lefty:] Righty
— [Zodiac Sign:] Leo

layer two – Describe….

— [Your heritage:] Japanese, Polish and Norweigan
— [The shoes you wore today:] I wore my Merrell pale blue thongs
— [Your weakness:] Too many to list! 😉 uhh…. kindness? Or I think too much. Depends on how you interpret the question.
— [Your fears:] being alone forever, burning to death in a fire consuming my dwelling unable to save the lives of those I really care about, also located in the same building, being unable to acheive my dreams, goals and wishes.
— [Your perfect pizza:] Uhh… The crust would be nice and thick, yet still rather crisp (doesn't fall apart) on the bottom… from some gourmet pizza place. On it would be chicken, artichoke, spinach, tomato slices, lots of different kinds of cheeses, green peppers, pineapple, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, spices, some sauce (I don't know what kind specifically… probably either a cream sauce or tomato based one), water chestnuts, and baby corns. I highly doubt that I'll ever get to eat such a masterpiece.
— [Goal you'd like to achieve:] Uhhh… well there's this thing with CKI that I'd rather like to acheive… but there's also the getting published thing, and the getting into school for the fall thing, and the having a family eventually thing etc.

layer three – Tell….

— [Your most overused phrase/expression on AIM:] *laughs*
— [Your best physical feature:] shoulders. My eyes (I am told) are pretty cool too.
— [Your bedtime:] Depends on the night. Been trying to get around 8hrs a night so that I'll be rested for ICON.
— [Your greatest accomplishment:] Uhhh… realistically I doubt that I really have an accomplishment I'd deem as really great… but I did convocate this spring, I guess.
— [Your most missed memory:] Seeing all my stupendous CKI friends at last year's LSSP/ICON.

layer four – You prefer….

— [Pepsi or Coke:] NEITHER
— [McDonald's or Burger King] Burger King has decent burgers sometimes (other times they are repulsive). I miss McDonald's pizza that they used to have. Also their poutine in Quebec was delicious, as was their wierd burger stuff in Taiwan… and I must say that as unhealthy as they are, I like some of the McDonald's breakfast food, and their fries…. etc. So I guess McDonalds, although I usually only eat there on vacation out of the province, or in weird situations… so about 3-4 times a year.
— [Single or group dates:] single (although at this point, any date would be interesting 😉 )
— [Adidas or Nike:] Adidas
— [Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea:] I can't tell the difference honestly
— [Chocolate or vanilla:] vanilla
— [Cappuccino or coffee:] UCK!! Can't stand either!

layer five – Do you….

— [smoke:] NO!
— [Cuss:] Not terribly often.
— [Do you think you've been in love:] No.
— [Want to go to college:] yep… university that is… again… hate being in limbo!
— [Like high school:] It was pretty good. Better than I expected. We did so many crazy things…
— [Believe in yourself:] yes, usually, unless I'm in one of those moods… but that happens rather infrequently now (yay for being happy!)
— [Get motion sickness:] sometimes… not like when I was a baby though.
— [Think you're attractive:] I can be.
— [Think you're a health freak:] I'm not a health freak. I just happen to know a whole heck of a lot of nutritional information and sports nutrition.
— [Get along with your parents:] yeah. It helps that I don't live with them and usually see them at good times.
— [Like thunderstorms:] yeah. Except when I'm in the middle of a lake in a boat… especially when it's hailing.
— [Play an instrument:] well I played the piano… and the drums… and sort of the flute… but don't have any of the above here.
— [believe in love] Yes
— [believe there's true love?] perhaps.
— [type w/ ur fingers on the right keys] usually.

layer six- In the past month have you….

— [Drank alcohol:] No
— [Smoked:] No
— [Had Sex:] No
— [Made Out:] No
— [Gone on a date:] No
— [Gone to the mall] Yes (the Mall with a capital M that is 😉 Yay for West Edmonton Mall!)
— [Been on stage:] Yep. I convocated, afterall.
— [Been dumped:] No
— [Gone skating:] No
— [Made homemade cookies:] No
— [Gone skinny dipping:] No
— [Dyed your hair:] No, I never have. And don't want to.
— [Stolen anything:] No

layer seven – Have you ever….

— [Played a game that required removal of clothing:] No, actually I haven't, oddly enough.
— [Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:] No
— [Been caught doing something:] No
— [Gotten beaten up:] Yes… although not terribly badly, I must say.
— [Shoplifted:] No
— [Been rejected] Yes
— [rejected someone] Yes
— [manipulated someone] I don't think I have maliciously if I have at all ever.
— [been cheated on] No
— [lied] yes, who hasn't?
— [gotten a hickey] No.

layer eight – The future….

— [How do you want to die:] after having lived a long and fullfilling life.
— [Where you want to go to college:] Well for now the University of Alberta, thank you very much.
— [What do you want to be when you grow up:] A wife, a Mother, A Kiwanian, An Author of fiction works etc.
— [What country would you most like to visit:] Wow… there's so many! I'd LOVE to visit Japan someday though.

layer nine ΓÇô BestΓǪ. (Note: All of these answers refer to my personal opinions – I refuse to say in general for humanity, because there aren't any!)

— [Best eye color?:] Blue eyes look really good… unless they're demonic like a certain politician's eyes…
— [Best hair color?:] brown hair is good.
— [Short or long hair?:] I like my hair long. As for guys… some length can be good too… but it's going to depend on the guy of course.
— [Best height:] I don't know. It's hard to buy pants when you're in between petite length legs and regular length legs… And people overlook me often 'cause I'm short (they don't see me at my cash register for example)… I prefer to dance with guys around my height or taller… but then again I'm shortish… so whatever.
— [Best weight:] average.
— [Best articles of clothing:] hmmm… on guys I love the formal look… some people can do it SO well! On me… I like to dress up a bit… and LOVE skirts currently.
— [Best first kiss location:] Uhhh… no clue. Not enough experience in this area to determine likely.

layer ten – Number of….

— [Number of drugs taken illegally:] none
— [Number of piercings:] none
— [Number of tattoos:] none
— [Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:] A bunch (you can't possibly expect me to count!)
— [Number of scars on my body:] I dunno. a bunch.
— [Number of things in my past that I regret:] Uhhh… I regret being an idiot… often. but that's unlikely to change things now, is it? So why worry?

layer eleven – Favorite….

— [People] *laughs* too many to list… and I don't wanna forget some people… so I'm not even going to try… at least not this time.
— [Band/Group] GAWSH! That's a toughie! How about a tie between The Beatles, The Byrds, Goo Goo Dolls, and Lamb for the time being?
— [Time of Day] uhhh… I do best in evening and morning… middle of the afternoon I feel like siesta would be a good idea.
— [Fruit] I like raspberries…. (berries in general are grand!) Also cactus fruit is stellar!
— [Person to talk to on the phone] Uhhh… how about Josh? He's so darn far away usually though… *grumbles*
— [Cartoon] Well… I loved Sleeping Beauty… and Beauty and the Beast… and Carebears… and Astroboy… and Futurama… and the Simpsons… and Southpark was okay… etc.
— [Singer(s)] Wow… hard question! Hmmmm… Darren Hayes is good… so was John Lennon… Don McLean… Celine Dion (in French)… Sarah McLaughlan…
— [Famous person] Uhhh… there's lots… like Johnny Depp, or Topher Grace… Daniel Radcliffe…or Natalie Portman… or Alexis Bledel… or Anna Paquin… or Julia Stiles… Emma Watson… there's a bunch more greats…
— [Color] Red

layer twelve – Who….

— [Makes you laugh the most] uhh… currently? No clue.
— [Gives you a happy feeling when you see them] Lots of people
— [Is the easiest to talk to] actually the people who are really far away… plus my really great friends nearby (gosh that's ambiguous… sorry)
— [Has a crush on you:] does anyone?
— [Who would you want to see right now] too many people to list.
— [Was the last person you slow danced with?] uhhhhh… no clue actually. I slowdance too often… and with too many people… and it's honestly been months.