How awesome is the telephone. Let me count the ways… ;)

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So today I decided to call people on the telephone. On a whim mainly, but also because I hadn't heard from people in a really really long time. So this is evidently what I did. And BOY was it nice to hear people's voices again. It had been as long as almost a year for some of them. And it just makes me feel so awesome inside to be able to communicate that way. It was likely the best $7 worth of phone cards that I've ever spent on myself (a good treat if I say so myself)… just being able to chat with wonderful people… How nice it is sometimes!!

Anywho… tomorrow I gotta clean this mess I live in, work eight hours… sleep and then… my convocation from my degree is on Wednesday. So Off to bed with me (and I thought I would catch some Zzzz early… likely story!).