Quiz (yet another one!)

So I still like quizzes. Found this one as well…. It was a waste of my time (yes I ought to be sleeping)

1)First Name: Ali
On to the other stuff….
18)Ever dyed your hair?: nope.
19)If so.. what colors?: N/A
21)Height: 5foot 3inches and a quarter.
23)Glasses: yeah
24)Contacts: no, never worn them
25)Braces: when I was in 8th grade, for 5 months
26)Piercings: nope
a)how many: N/A
b)where: N/A
27)Tattoos: nope
a)how many: n/a
b)where: n/a
c)of what: n/a
1)What school do you go to: UofA
2)What is your favorite subject: ??
3)What grade are you in: between degrees
4)Who is your favorite teacher: Snyder rocks!
5)Have you ever been suspended: nope
a)if so.. for what?: N/A
6)Are you expelled?: no
a)if so for what?: N/A
7)Are you a drop out?: nope.
a)if so why?: n/a
8)Are you popular in school?: huh?
9)Have you ever gone to school naked?: no
10)Is your school good at sports?: sure.
a)which ones?: hockey and many others.
b)how good?: I dunno… depends on the year
11)What are you school colors?: green and gold
12)What is your school mascot?: A golden bear and a panda bear
13)What is it's name?: GUBA (Great University Bear of Alberta) and Patches
14)Who is your principal?: n/a
15)Do you ever forget your locker combination? n/a
16)Do you share a locker with someone?: n/a
17)Is your school big?: it's a University…. so yeah.
18)Have you ever skipped school?: no.
a)if so why?: n/a
19)Do you write on the bathroom stalls at school?: no
a)if so what?: N/A
20)What sports do you play?: ballroom dance actually.
HaVe YoU eVeR
1)Made out with someone?: yes
a)how many people: one
b)where: no comment.
c)who was the best: silly question.
2)Kissed someone of the same sex? don't think so.
a)why?: N/A
3)Done more than make out in the movie theatre?: no.
4)Gotten Drunk: no
5)Gotten High: no
6)Gotten Drunk&High: N/A
9)Illegally drove a car: no
10)Broken a law: yes
11)Been arrested: no
12)Gotten in a car wreck: no
13)Loved someone so much it makes you cry: no
14)Needed someone so bad you can't sleep at night: possibly
15)Tried to find the words but they don't come out right: yes
16)Filled out a survey this long when you are terribly bored: yeah
17)Wanted to kill someone: naw
18)Started a rumor about someone: naw.
19)Fallen asleep in class: yes!!
20)Been walked around school on a dog leash: no
21)Vandalized someone's car: no
22)Been in a coma: no
23)Broken a bone: no
24)Ate pig intestines: maybe.
25)Been grounded: no
26)Ate a spoonful of salt for money: no
27)Licked the grease off of a pan for money: no
28)Broken into someone's house: no
31)Laughed until you passed out: no
32)Literally burnt money: no
33)Ran around town in a cow outfit: no
34)Drove around town with a megaphone: no
35)Rode in a convertible when it was snowing with the top down: no
36)Jumped off of a bridge: no
37)Stole somethin: naw
ThIs Or ThAt
1)Pepsi-Coke: neither
2)Lemonade-Iced Tea: iced tea (sweet tea?)….
3)Ja Rule-Nelly:huh?
4)Lil Zane-Lil Wayne: ??
5)BSB-NSYNC: I don't know.
6)98┬║-Dream Street: 98 Degrees
7)Usher-Tyrese: ??
8)Pickles-Tomatoes: TOMATOES (pickles uck!)
9)Ketchup-Mustard: ketchup
10)Chocolate-Vanilla: vanilla
11)Day-Night: night
12)Hot-Ugly: uh… hot sure.
13)Hot-Cold: medium?
14)Rich-Poor: medium!
15)Pepsi Blue-Code Red: Blue!!
16)Duracell-Energizer: Energizer
17)American Eagle-Abercrombie: ??
18)Yellow-Red: red
19)Blue-Purple: blue
20)Florida-California: ??
21)Chicken-Beef: ??
22)B2K-Jagged Edge: ??
23)Burger King-McDonalds: ??
24)Taco Bell-Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut
25)Papa John's-Dominos: ??