I'm done… I'm Done! I'm DONE! I'M DONE!

I've been saying for the past month now 'I can't wait until March 30th when all my papers will be done'….
Well that day has been reached, and guess what? I ACTUALLY finished all my 4 term papers (three will be handed in today!). Given that, yes I wrote one entirely yesterday, one almost entirely Sunday, and one almost entirely on wednesday and Thursday… I haven't gotten over my procrastination bug, but I'm doing successful procrastination!!

In other news: I can't wait until tonight's Student Involvement Awards night hosted by the SU complete with Champagne reception. That should be super cool (so happy to have won an award!).

Really looking forward to my classes today: Watching a documentary, learning about penis size (among other things on the agenda), then my really boring class, followed by watching Ghost in the Shell.

Now on to other things!