Disaster averted…. perhaps?

A big HUGE thanks goes out to my dear friends for all of their amazing help with dealing with the virus crisis on my computer tonight. I like the fact that it means that my March 30th deadline may not be entirely impossible anymore. Thanks for putting up with my stupidity (I *knew* better!)… and thanks for the conversations.
An extra big thanks for taking the HOURS to fix my computer… seeing as it most certainly wouldn't behave.
And yes… I will concede that my machine needs a lot of help to become better than it is right now… and that I may just need some of that education on computer-y stuff to make things a bit more awesome on a regular basis. Frankly, my computer needs it. And I need it. Having my computer get ENTIRELY infected like it did today was not fun.
So thanks again. You know I mean it. You can't imagine how stressed I was for the time until you guys showed up… I mean it…. wow.