One of those survey-ish thingys…

Hey I love these… so here goes:
1. What's your full name?: Ali Kira ___________ (if you're reading this you already know my full name… so why divulge that here?)
2. Were you named after anyone?: I don't think so for my first name. My parents just heard it somewheres I think. My middle name came from some litterature of some sort I think… and also is the name of a character from a great Ayn Rand book my parents also read.
3. Do You Wish on stars?: sometimes…
4. Which finger is your favorite?: good question… pinky I guess, 'cause it gets cut or injured etc. the least, and its nail is good and symmetrical (why am I rationalizing a spur of the moment decision like this anyway?)
5. When did you last cry?: Hmmm… wow. I don't think I actually can pin point that. That's awfully weird actually…
6. Who do you admire?: a lot of people actually. Many CKI/Kiwanis leaders past and present I would guess, successful authors, family members, ,many people who accomplishes what they set out to do and do it well, with happiness
7. Are you happy right now?: I guess: I'm not sad.
8. What is the #1 priority in your life?: To enjoy myself and accomplish my goals… but really to cultivate good strong relationships with people is probably of greatest import.
9. Favorite meal: You mean I'm supposed to choose? I think not! (food=yummy)
10. Any bad habits?: Procrastinating, letting my apt become a disaster area, not sleeping enough for my own good… yadda yadda yadda.
11. What store would you never be caught dead in?: I'm okay with going to all stores really.
12. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: I'd certainly hope so.
13. Are you a daredevil?: no, I wouldn't think so.
14. Do looks matter?: yes… insofar as they influence life (eg. I'm taking an Evolutionary Psychology of Beauty class… and that course certainly drills that fact into my brain!)… but they do more than just influence attraction too… whether this be fortunate or unfortunate is up to you to determine.
15. When was the last time you wanted to punch someone?: Hmmm… likely Thursday.
16. Are you trendy?: Sometimes… but on the scale of how trendy am I, I'm somewheres in the middle road…
17. What do you do to prevent anger?: uh… divert my attention to something else? Or type… or write… it's all about balance. Communicating with a good friend also works.
18. Are you passive or aggressive?: Relatively passive… but NOT a doormat where it matters.
19. Who is your second family?: The Kiwanis Family (cheesey I know, but true none the less)
20. Do you trust others easily?: It's all about levels of trust. So while people may be innocent until proven guilty in my mind, given the amount of hurt others have caused over time, I am unlikely to be very trusting… you gotta earn that trust.
21. What did you play with as a child?: Everything from Lego to craft kits (and many of those) to my brothers toys, to my mom's old Barbies, to dolls, cabbage patch kid (mine's named Garnett Caldwell), to Pound Puppies, Trolls, Texas Instruments Computer, Duplo, playhouse, hot wheels, books (and lots of 'em), stuffed animals, imagination!! (and so so so so much more… really, I couldn't even begin to list everything I played with that is significant).
22. What class during high school do you think was a waste of time?: phys ed. Not because it didn't keep us active (which was good), but because it killed the self-esteem of those who weren't as skilled… and allowed for far to much hurt to be perpetuated… especially when people got injured (not to mention the amount of bullying that could potentially go on etc.). Whatever happened to participation marks, and credit for trying?
23. Do you like sappy love songs?: yes.
24. Have you ever been on radio or television?: well… on television (background shots for the most part)… but radio not yet I don't think.
25. Have you ever intentionally hurt someone?: yes.
26. Have you ever been in a mosh pit?: if you cound the WOW dances, then yes… otherwise, no.
27. Do you feel understood most of the time?: not terribly well, no.
28. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach?: sore throat: I can ignore that better I would think.
29. What is your nickname(s)?: AliCat, Zombie, Ali Kira, (honestly I really don't have any nicknames people really use… it's hard to do much with 'Ali')
30. Could you be a vegetarian?: I could, but I wouldn't. I don't wanna put that much effort into making sure I get enough of the nutrients that are easier to obtain from meat (plus meat tastes good). Then again, I don't consume nearly as much meat as I used to when I lived at home. I eat well enough for my happiness anyhow.
31. Would you ever bungee jump?: Unlikely… I don't wanna mess up my spine.
32. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off?: Nope.
33. What are you worried about right now?: the usual school stuff I would imagine. Other things too, but those are probably less rational.
34. Do you ever wear overalls?: I've never owned any, so no.
35. Favorite Popsicle flavor?: Uhhh…. the kind with real fruit juice in 'em… or creamsicles, or really odd stuff… like Oh Henry ice cream bars, or other oddities.
36. Who do you think won't respond at all?: the people who hate these, and/or don't read my LJ of course!
37. What kind of pets do you have?: never had a pet.
38. What are their names?: n/a
39. Do you have a driver's license?: I've a learners license (class 7)
40. Last person who called you?: Some impersonal caller asking for donations for something.
41. Last person who saw you cry?: I don't know, honestly… it's been a little while (surprisingly).
42. Last person you went to the movies with: I went alone last time. But before that it was with Lindy-Mike.
43. Last person you went to the mall with?: Doug from Ohio to WEM.
44. Do you have a crush on anyone?: nope.
45. If so have you told that person?: n/a
46. What's in your wallet?: over $30 cash, a debit and a credit card, ONE Card, my learner's license, Save-On Card and so on, really a lot of silly carts.
47. What's on the walls of your room?: My actual bedroom: Paint. My apt: a Figure skating calendar, Bob's Apostrophe poster, a crosstitch of some sort someone gave me, a crosstitch with my birth info on it, a print of some cats. I really don't put much on my walls.
48. Is your bed single, twin, double, queen or king?: uhhh… really long and narrow. It's an Ikea bed… the old kind where the dimensions are good for Scandinavian countries 🙂 so sorta like a single or twin I would guess… but not really.
49. What is in your bedroom?: desk with a bunch of junk on it, chair, bed, clothes, clock/radio, loads of stored stuff, a bedside table, a chest of drawers, etc.
50. What is the best thing that happened to you this week?: Uh… got some school-esque stuff done I would presume.
51. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?: a good red colour.
57. Where is your favourite place to be and why?: I don't know. Either at my apt, or with friends. But I really adore spending time with friends no matter where. As for why, I dunno… whereever I'm most relaxed… and having fun. CKI events are great for example.
58. How many scars do you have and do they have any cool stories?: Scars? Uh… a few I would imagine. like the time I touched the iron… and the time I touched the curling iron… and the time my wart was burnt off way back when… and when that guy cut me with his toenail whilst swimming, and so on and so forth.
59. Do you have any dreams/goals?: Why of COURSE!
60. Who knows you best?: Does anyone really know me best?
61. What was the biggest change for you in the last two months?: The people I'm spending time with are changing slightly I would think… and I'm becoming more driven to do certain things. Priorities are slowly morphing into what I perhaps want them to be.
63. Have you ever danced in the rain?: hmmm… I don't know. I like the rain though.
64. Weirdest Inside Joke?: I don't think I have any.
65. People you miss most?: Right now? CKIers from outside of the one club in my district.
66. What do you spend a lot of time doing?: school stuff, work, CKI stuff, volunteering, internet stuff, reading, writing, eating, dancing, spending time with friends (thank goodness), talking, listening to music, smiling… and so on.
68. Any last comments: Why on earth is this number 68? What's with the numbering of this??? But really I enjoy these. So whatever.