Not more research! NOoooooo!!! *screams*

Okay, so normally I wouldn't be posting so many non-sensical posts on LJ… but this is just plain ridiculous. I've been on my computer since 6 o'clock trying to put together some sort of topic with relation to my beauty class… and keep coming across these wonderful problems:
1. the Journals that WOULD have decent articles are no longer carried by our wonderful library
2. the articles that would be useful are too new to have online access for some journals
3. there simply isn't any good body of articles on any of the topics I attempt to search out
4. the library system keeps sending me in circles in attempts to find the e-journal articles I'm looking for
5. I still have no clue what to do for my topic.
I wanna finish this tonight sos I can actually study for my quizzes and midterms at some point before they occur! *grumble* Anyone actually any good at using the UofA Libraries system? 'cause it seems to advance much faster than I do technologically. Maybe I should have gone into Library Sciences like I once wanted to so dearly. I mean I'm the one who wanted to be a librarian for the majority of my young life… (among other things)… I mean sheesh! Even my grade 9 yearbook professes this fact… and what am I doing now? Science! *rolls eyes*