So I'm trying to tire myself out sos I can sleep through the infernal fridge noise… in doing so I run across this quiz: The Which Final Fantasy Class Should I be Quiz
And I apparently ought to be a: *samurai*, a master of the mystical katana, noble; honorable; deadly (hmmm…. perhaps?)
How entertaining (I STILL think that the first Final Fantasy (Nintendo!) was the BESTEST! 😉 Although I was rather good at getting stuck… the newer games have better graphics and storylines and etc…. but who could beat picking out what 4 little guys would make up my team to battle those monsters?).
Then I go search up the other Final Fantasy Quizzes on the same site (why not?) and determine the following: The Final Fantasy Tactics Class Quiz http://www.insomniel.com/quizzes/ffquiz2.html
I ought to be a *squire*, a warrior with basic skills and stats., earnest; attentive; ingenuous. (do-able I think)
The Final Fantasy FIVE Class Quiz http://www.insomniel.com/quizzes/5/ffquiz3.html
*red mage*, a master of both black and white magic, perfectionist; dashing; imaginative (one of my favorites actually!)
The Final Fantasy Tactics Character Quiz
Dragoner: has a Human appearance but is a dragon, the blood of the holy Dragon can work miracles, a silent former dragon blessed with courage and devotion. (I don't get how that suits me… whatever)
I think that this is enough Final Fantasy Quizzes for me at the moment… which one do you think I'm most like anyway?