Sign up for the World's Largest Secret Santa Gift Exchange!

Or at least consider it if you like such exchanges. Registration opened yesterday (well officially, they tested it for a while on the day previous), and there are already over 65,000 registrants. Last year there were 85,000 successful exchanges which is pretty substantial (and resulted in yet another Guinness Book of World Records entry)… and as usual they're aiming for even more this year! The rate of people actually getting gifts (successful exchanges) is well over 90% and as this will be my 4th annual exchange (I first participated in 2011), I highly recommend it. You never know what you're going to get, but the focus is of course on how you can spoil your recipient with an appropriate (minimum suggested cost $20US) gift. And while I might not enjoy shopping for myself all that much sometimes, I do rather enjoy trying to find things for other people based upon the information they provide for this exchange. <a href=></a> is the link to sign up.

I have participated in over 77 redditgifts exchanges. Which might seem excessive, but really I like to rematch folks (so send folks who were missed/forgotten/etc. an additional gift without getting one in return), because I've been so well spoiled with great experiences. I've only had a scant few exchanges where I didn't receive anything at all, those being by far the exception rather than the norm. Secret Santa is by far the largest exchange: the smaller themed ones only have a few thousand participants usually.