We don't actually need to change time, do we?

This topic comes up every time we shift from Standard Time to Daylight Time or back to Standard Time. The reasons we chose to have a time change aren't necessarily all that relevant anymore. Saskatchewan and Arizona do pretty darn well without changing clocks, so why do we all have to deal with this change? And given that it happened over Halloween weekend, a weekend with enough unusual activities to begin with, it's not surprising that my personal clock is all out of whack (okay there may be other reasons for that too, like the fact that I work shift work or the fact that I've had a lot of emotionally charged experiences over the past few weeks be they watching YouTube or Doctor Who or having real life experiences or whatever, but still!). I think I got all of four and a half hours of actual sleep last night (yes I actually did reasonably well with things the night of the actual time change itself, but I had had a rather busy day and was up for 19 hours by the time I actually got some shut-eye so that likely explains that bit of things).

But really is this annoyance worth it? Clocks at work were all at different times yesterday (one said 6pm (being a computer likely on Pacific Time), correct ones said 7pm while some hadn't yet been changed and still said 8pm). Some folks forget that many electronic devices change time automatically and double change their clocks. Some folks forget and end up at work super early (or otherwise super late in the spring). The time change is to save us energy by keeping us in the daylight during waking hours but as lighting becomes more and more energy efficient and more and more folks are working in roles that require different hours of work (not always the 8am-4pm or 9am-5pm favoured by the office workers, but rather shift work required by the service industry), is the tiny energy savings worth the disruption of our schedules and our circadian rhythms?

There are numerous videos online about changing our clocks, the pros and cons of Daylight Time and many other viewpoints and articles. But really, I highly doubt it's worth the schedule disruption.