Something tells me I've not been blogging lately…

… yes indeed, I've been busy. I spent another week in bed this month (one week a month since the beginning of the year… this ought not to become a trend, yikes!). And that sent all of February off kilter. But I did recover enough in time for CKI District Convention in Calgary, and for a marvelous Dishcrawl in the 124th Street area, a delicious Lunar New Year Feast, some board gaming and well… yes I'm actually working at a modicum of chores and thesis work.

Things are ramping up for Kiwanis work again (not that they haven't been busy since the beginning of 2013, but still!), and I'm truly enjoying that aspect of my life when it's not trying to add to my stress-load. I've been eating semi-more healthy-ish lately as well (it would be healthier of course but for the fact that I still have quite a few remaining treats sitting about to consume… but everything in moderation, right?).

AS for health, I'm still waking up mildly congested, but otherwise I seem to have recovered from my killer cold. My wrists and left arm are occasionally acting up so that's not entirely pleasant, but it's not nearly as bad as in late December/early January. What is perhaps more concerning is the reappearance of a remarkably itchy spot on my body (in October it was mostly on my arm and upper body, this spot is on my ankle). The itchiness is occasionally bad enough to interrupt sleep. I do my best not to scratch and I have been applying the prescription anti-itch cream I got in October, but it's really really annoying just the same. And at the time we couldn't figure out what it was either. It's some sort of allergy or immune response to something that's contact based as far as I can tell, and it looks vaguely like a bug bite but the itchy area is far larger than the mark on my skin is. *shrugs* I wish I knew.

That likely sums up a short little update. Hopefully I blog more frequently in the future!