Olympic frenzy

It's kind of funny how easy it is to get all caught up in the Olympic frenzy. And learn about sports in ways that one hasn't ever learned before. Lately I've been catching most of the news on Twitter but occasionally glancing at the actual media sites online or watching at a bar or friend's abode has also allowed me to get a glimpse of the awesome that is the Olympics. And really, given that I grew up in and out of swimming pools, and tried (and failed) at a number of the other sports that we watch the athletes compete at these days, I'm really happy to see what little I do see of these feats of Olympic magic (okay, maybe a better turn of phrase would be athletic excellence, but whatever works, eh?).

And you know what, with about a week to go in these games, the Canadian athletes are doing rather respectably. Sure, there are disappointments and whatnot but that's to be expected! And with the Olympics things like the whole Bruce Li Badminton team getting recognition are unexpected wonderful happenings even if medals aren't attached. In other cases personal bests, and really just the opportunity to showcase one's sport (or one's excellence in one's sport) to the world is quite remarkable. And we should be proud of accomplishments — heck, just getting to the games is an accomplishment whether to compete, support or volunteer! I know that the world does not revolve around the Olympics (and the whole corporate sponsorship, etc. issues and the expense and whatnot are downsides of the games) but they sure are marvelous watching/learning experiences!m