The Conference season approaches… ack!

Not that it's not already started, but the meat of the conference season for me has really gotten near! And not a day passes without some sort of email referencing some sort of conference or convention or something in it. And I look forward to all the busy-ness: it won't give me the opportunity to be unmotivated or bored or probably even lonely (heck, I'll go explore! That's a sure way of solving loneliness when I'm not at home!).

My to do list for the next two days to prepare is pretty long, though, of course. But I think I'll manage to get the majority of it done. And what will be left likely won't be as important.

Money's tighter this summer than it has been in other years (attributed to many factors including markets not performing as well, but mostly because I haven't been paid as much and have somewhat higher expenses), but I'm doing well, and looking forward to travels.

Oh and yeah, I am indeed sore from all the exercise yesterday. That's not surprising.