Lately I've been posting semi-regularly

And I apologize to those who for whatever reason don't care to read what I choose to type… but I have my motivations.

Today was an interesting one I had the hardest time getting out of bed (I really should get to sleep soon tonight), but had a good time in class before heading to the SLIS part-timer's lunch (no I'm not a part-timer, yes I go to their meetings, as I have been invited and welcomed regardless of the fact that I'm a HuCo/SLIS student). I had wanted to be at the CLA Student Chapter meeting as well, but no luck in the being in two places (even in the same room!) at once game.

This evening I attended the most excellent launch of the WinSETT Centre and WISEST Lecture. It began with wine and cheese (yummy cheese!) and some speeches — my favorite was, as always by Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour who entertained us with science! I've always adored her science experiments… and finally I got two on video!

After the initial speeches was Anne McLennan's lecture, which surprised me in just how passionate and well-presented it was. Did you know that women outnumber men in the workforce in North America for the first time ever these days?
Photos are found at:

Anyway, one of these days I'll get better at uploading videos and whatnot, but for now I'm actually quite pleased with how well I do with my phone anyway! And I think I'm rather enjoying being back in school, even with all the challenges and all. 🙂 If it wasn't difficult would it be nearly so worthwhile?