Frustrations… Frustrations…

So this morning I try to listen to a few new CDs. *TRY* is the operative word here, as only one (of the store-bought variety) works perfectly. The two others only have about half the songs that work on my computer, and on my stereo only one song from ONE of the two CDs works at all. Very sad, as I was very much looking forward to listening to these awesome tracks.

But more frustrating still is the fact that yet another organization ASSUMES that I'm male. I'm getting completely annoyed with the fact that people should be sending me ANYTHING with an ASSUMED gendered introduction. I mean really, Ali is NOT a solely male name. Really! Just like Kim isn't always female or etc. Have they ever even heard the song A Boy Named Sue? A thank you note where they address me as Mr. Ali _______ is completely offending me. So maybe I'm sleep deprived (or I guess after 12 hrs maybe I'm just cranky?) but… really? *sighs* In this so-called multicultural country of ours you think that people would be a BIT less presumptive, and would use gender neutral introductions… or something. Gah.

In other news, I'm rather behind on email/online stuff. Why? Because I was simply TOO tired last night to even touch the computer (instead I was reading some Mercedes Lackey, thank you very much… and Colin should be pleased… 'cause I'll be able to lend it to him sooner). I went to bed at 7pm. Ridiculous.

Anyway I'm still exhausted but I guess I ought to head off to the mess that is 15% Tuesday.