Now that I have energy again…

…something tells me that burning the candle at both ends is still a bad idea. Oh well.

So the Golden Key Honour Society Induction was last week. I enjoyed it insofar as I could. It seemed a bit haphazard at times, but I guess that goes with the territory. It was good to see Jen and Mike again though. Mike gave a tour of his lab and we had a good chat. I ran into Colin earlier in the day and we celebrated his birthday with lunch. It was crazy running into so many people on campus that I'm not used to running into.

Getting all pampered with a hair style (from a long ago purchased gift certificate that was ready to expire) before Trivia night was worth it. The hair looked great (done by Kam at MudHoney Salon) and she even complimented Jackie (who works at ICON) on my haircut. I rather liked her manner and her general styling technique, which is a great boon to a salon. Of course Jackie's my fave (and Kam did rather think my cut complimented me nicely) so I won't be getting my hair cut by anyone else (or at least I won't until such a point where Jackie's too far away or something to do my hair). Trivia night was also awesome. We placed third out of 25 teams!

The weekend itself was awesome. I truly enjoyed playing with a tonne of kids (comparatively speaking) this past week (well I dunno if playing counts when you're talking about an almost 2 month old but whatever), and have gorged on some really awesome food! Plus, of course seeing more of my friends' friends is great too! Saturday night's party was a blast!

And Sunday I saw the Fringe Theatre Adventures Double Feature with Jesus in Montana (which was amusing) and Dishpig (which was awesome! I dunno if I could EVER use repetition so effectively).

Today when the front page of the Metro covered Oil Capital Kiwanis' Top Cop Police Appreciation award, I couldn't help but smile. The previous evening's ceremony was such fun. It's always nice to see some of my favorite Kiwanians.

I guess it's no wonder I've been tired. But it's been good, I've met some amazing people, eaten some great food, indulged in culture and yes, seen just a few more crazy YouTube videos!