Bye rob! And congrats to Trisia!

Another eventful evening: this time the awesome launch of Red Nettle Press! Trisia outdid herself, really and I had an excellent evening (and picked up a couple great chapbooks, one by rob mclennan and Trisia Eddy and another by Jeff Carpenter, and had them both signed). Great food, FAB poetry and spirit… yes indeed I had a great time!

I even ran into Mary (from swim team from way back when… it had been ages — I didn't even know she frequented poetry events). Others I saw were Alice, Patrick and well the list could go forever.

I'll definitely miss seeing rob around though. We never did get together just to chat… but if I'm ever in Ottawa I'll be sure to track him down (that is if he's not somewheres else promoting a new book!).

Oh and if anyone's at all interested I have an excerpt of My Obaasan in the Work of Arts magazine (this is the UofA Alumni magazine for the faculty of Arts). It felt incredibly difficult to butcher the poem for publication (if it didn't fit on a page, it wouldn't get in) but I'm pretty happy with the result. Besides, it has a rather huge circulation, which can't hurt! Now to write more good poetry and prose…