Physical exhaustion is inevitable…

But all the same I've been having such a great time!

Last night, Erin's housewarming was such fun… I must say I rather enjoyed playing Rock Band for the first time, even if I wasn't terribly skilled or anything. It was fun. Even with my sore throat, I had a blast 'singing' to all these songs I vaguely remembered. Apparently I did decently at some of 'em even. I never did think Bowie would be my strong suit!

And then today I finished reading The Golden Compass (which makes His Dark Materials yet another series of books that I'll need to complete reading… dratted serieses! 😉 ). I can completely understand the outcry against the book from religious factions… mind you I think somehow that aspect of the book caused me to enjoy it all the more (go figure!). It was nice to see such an interesting way of using religion (and abuse thereof) to focus a plot that has nothing to do with the Church as it stands today (now whether or not there are underlying criticisms in the novel etc. that is another story). The book was well crafted and had me spellbound which was awesome. I wonder what parts were kept in the movie version though.

Anywho, I'd best get off to bed… I do never seem to get enough rest these days.