Quick update of sorts….

It's been a busy week. Not only am I busily reading for class, but I've been busy outside of work and school too!

Tuesday, Jackie and I went for dinner at Il Portico. I had a splendid time with some rather yummy food — I especially liked the bread with oil/vinegar and the salad. The peppers were fabulous, the pasta cooked to perfection and the dessert delicious!

Wednesday, I took Nancy to the Three Days Grace concert at the Shaw. This was pretty awesome — while I certainly am not familiar enough with the band to know all of their songs or anything, it was a rather lot of fun. The downside being that the stage banter didn't seem to reflect anything about their knowledge of the crowd or Edmonton or anything. It was still a pretty awesome time — especially after waiting in the ridiculous line to get in.

And then today, I went to the 7th Annual Gala in Blue Jeans Volunteer Appreciation event for the Stollery Children's Hospital at the Royal Alberta Museum. I took Mike with me, partially as Beth was unable to attend. This was great fun — it's surprising how much more fun the museum is with company. The food was good (Elizabethan caterer), as was the ceremony part. There aren't any really unique exhibits going on at the museum now, but I did get to see some awesome new stuff like an OLD Oil Kings jersey and some really really awesome stuff regarding Aboriginal history from the Red River and Westward… It reminded me of just how much Ian would love to see that extra temporary gallery, that is if his past visit to the museum was any indication.