Christmas questions (plus wish list)

Questions regarding Christmas:
1. What do you want for Christmas? This goes especially for Mom, Dad, and my two brothers.
2. Whose addresses have changed? (regarding Christmas cards) if they have, what are the new addresses?
3. Who wants Christmas cards? Any specific requests? — I likely won't be done these until just before Christmas, so I admit right now that some will be late.

Wish list in no particular order:

Je me Souviens 3CD boxed set
The Arrogant Worms' Giftwrapped: The Best of the Arrogant Worms
Barenaked Ladies Christmas/Holiday CD

The other four books from The Chronicles of Prydain (NOT Taran Wanderer, which I own)
Ingamald, and A Glass Darkly by Gail Sidonie Sobat (not A Winter's Tale, which I own)
The rest of the Mercedes Lackey Heralds of Valdemar books (ask if you want to know which ones I still need) Other Mercedes Lackey books are welcome too
Gonzo's Little Book of Motivation by David A. Kelly
All 7 Harry Potter books in hard cover boxed set (matching)

Nice Girls Don't Explode
Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp or Topher Grace movies
Quebecois films
Season 7 of Gilmore Girls
The remaining seasons (6 and beyond) of That '70s Show
Criminal Minds (seasons 1 & 2)

Time spent with friends
A new computer chair (very basic, not terribly large or anything)
Repaired CD playing function on my Stereo (or a new stereo system, but really, it's only the CD part that doesn't work)
shopping outings with friends
Good food, good company
Cool boardgames
Pampering (spa?)
unique experiences
A time turner!!! (yeah right!)

Realistically if you know me well enough that you want to get me a gift and find nothing here suitable, you probably know me well enough to know what I like. I like surprises too! 🙂