Buying books and other moments

This week, when I've still been feeling run down, and trying madly to a) feel more healthy b) finish papers for class and c) balance it all somehow (among other things) the following were musings I wanted to post in my LJ but didn't have the time in front of the computer to do so at the time (not that I really do now, but since I'm awake and not dozing, it's probably as good of a time as any).

– I went and bought a book again. That said, I did get it autographed by Joseph Boyden (who was speaking at the inaugural Henry Keissel Lecture at Convocation Hall on campus) and heard an amazing lecture by him, but I still bought a book. When the number of books on my shelves that I haven't read is this large, it simply isn't the most reasonable choice to buy books… as much as I didn't have to pay GST or anything.

– ice is slippery. At 5am this morning I couldn't get my footing on the ice near the High Level bridge. At that hour, with no one around to help me should I have fallen, it would not have been pretty. I was lucky, but it was frightening enough to wake me up.

– Jackie's hairstyling skills are awesome! The fact that I knew all three of her models: Carla, Jenn and Kelly, especially when I totally didn't expect to know them all (Kelly was in my graduating class from high school, also in IB) was nifty!! I also noticed that a lot of the OTHER models seemed to have either a) very little meat on their bones b) a lot of confidence c) bar style to the extreme c) behaviour I wouldn't be proud of — mind you I'm sure they were imbibing alcoholic substances and/or d) some pretty awesome outfits. Jackie's models also had really awesome outfits of course and looked great — as much as the bar was crazy packed. Also thanks to Shauna and Dave for the company, and to Shauna and her friend for the ride home. It allowed for more sleep.

– Answering phones with SaveOn for the Stollery Radiothon today rocked! Sure, I was running on like no sleep (4+hrs?) and had woken up to Magical Mr. Mistopheles and thus some pretty interesting nightmares this morning, but hey it was fun! I got some good pledges, and donated a bit myself (as per usual). It was also way busier than the Kiwanis time on the phone bank usually is, which was nice.

– Cannibalism is rather interesting! We had a guest lecture about it yesterday (yegads, was it only yesterday??) and wow! All the different perspectives! Such things one learns in a class on Vampires! 🙂

– Interview with a Vampire is a very interesting book. I'm about halfway now, which is unfortunate since I really need to start writing a paper on vampires soon, but whatever… it'll get done somehow.