Quiz from Andrew

1. Name: Ali
2. Middle Name: Kira
3. Province: Alberta
4. Place of Birth: BC (ask if you haven't already seen the answer somewheres)
5. Zodiac Sign: Leo
6. Male or Female: female
7. Bus most commonly taken: the LRT… or I guess the 1.
8. School: University of Alberta
9. Occupation: Customer Service Specialist
10. Initials: another question that I ask you to ask me in person if you don't already know.
11. Screen Name: AliKira

-Your Appearance-
12. Hair Color: Brown
13. Hair Length: longish
14. Eye color: brown
15. Best Feature: shoulders (that is when they don't hurt like today. I think I slept wrong)
16. Height: 5'3
17. Braces: not since 8th grade
18. Glasses: occasionally — when I need 'em
19. Age: 24
20. Diploma: huh? Sure… several of 'em…

-Your 'Firsts'-
22. First best friend: Megan (one of the many)
23. First Award: *shrugs* I dunno… maybe when I graduated Kindergarten? I'd have to open that scrapbook and it's still at my parents' place.
24. First Sport You Joined: swimming?
25. First thing you did today: I was sleeping at midnight when the day started.
26. First Real vacation: beats me. I was too young to remember it.
27. First thing you said when you were a baby: It was the word 'no' if I remember my parents' stories right.

– Favorites-
29. Movie: *shrugs* I don't know although Pan's Labyrinth was good (of the recent ones… uh wait, I haven't really seen any recent ones) as was Quebec-Montreal (French language with subtitles… I need to watch it with subtitles to see if I missed anything though)
30. TV Show: Gilmore Girls?
32. Artist: Louie Lavoie (he's local… but I would love to have his artwork on my wall someday — and not just a print like I do now)
33. Place to shop: Anywhere unique and interesting, where I don't know what I'm going to expect.
34. Food: Too many good things to choose from!
35. Season: Spring and Fall
36. Candy: Uhh… also too many good choices here.
37. Sport: Either ballroom dancing, or walking. I rather do like random sports however…
38. Restaurant: Again too many good ones! Let's go with the fondue place I was at in Indianapolis… more for the memories and good food than anything. I like fondue!
39. Favorite Clothing: *shrugs* Too many good choices… I rather like my skirts though now that I can wear them again more regularly (yeah I still wore them regularly in winter's chill too!)
40. Store: *shrugs*
41. School Subject: Tough one… This term it's a toss up between English, Comp Lit and Writing… wait that's all my classes!
42. Animal: Turtles? Elephants? *shrugs*
43. Book: I dunno. I still like Mercedes Lackey books. Right now I'm reading Anne Rice (finally) and can see the appeal — yay for reading fun books for class!
44. Magazine: Uh… I don't quite know. Probably Circle K magazine although Good magazine just came in the mail and I really want to read it.

45. Doing before you started this survey: Reading Interview with a Vampire
47. Single or Taken: Single
48. Crying about: *shrugs* worrying about essay writing and sleep loss and sniffly nose… also boys/men but what's new?
49. Eating: nothing. I finished some green tea Pocky just recently though.
50. Drinking: come to think of it, I should hydrate myself with some water… just a sec'! 🙂
53. Listening : Last.fm is playing Glory and Consequence by Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
54. Thinking About: Jackie's hair show and my sore shoulders.
55. Wanting: uh… well… let's go with an answer I'm willing to post: tru love (a la Princess Bride). Been thinking a lot about men lately… just thinking though.
56. Watching: the computer screen.

57. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? Hopefully in a good solid relationship with a family of my own, finished school, writing, volunteering, working? and perhaps even financially free…
58. Kids? I would like to have some, yes.
59. Want to be Married: yes.
60. Careers in Mind: Being a parent, a partner in a relationship, a writer, a volunteer, a Kiwanian, an IBO etc. (uh… so what if most of those don't pay much)

-Which is Better with the Opposite Sex-
63. Hair color: lighter brown
64. Hair length: depends on the person… I like hair though.
65. Eye color: blue or green
66. Personality or Looks: gotta have a combination of both. Attraction begins with one or the other… relationships last with a combination.
67. Cute or sexy: a tad bit cute and a tad bit sexy. It should be a balance!
68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes
69. Hugs or Kisses: hugs
70. Short or Tall: I rather like my men tall apparently, if past experience is any indication. I also seem to like them older than me too…
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: romantic I guess.
73. Good or Bad: Good
74. Sensitive or Loud: sensitive
75. Hook-up or Relationship: relationship.
76. Harley or Car: car if I had to choose but really, I'd prefer flying dragons! 🙂
77. Trouble Maker or Hesitant One: a bit o' both, in different areas!

-Have you ever-
78. Kissed a stranger: uh… no.
79. Smoked: nope.
80. Streaked: no
81. Ran Away From Home: no
82. Broken a bone: no
83. Got an X-ray: yes
84. Got a broken bone: no
85. Been dumped by someone: yes
86. Dumped someone: yes
87. Cried When Someone Died: yes
88. Cried At School: yes

-Do You Believe In-
89. God: Uncertain
90. Miracles: not particularly.
91. Love at First sight: Well… lust/attraction/interest at first sight
92. Ghosts: no, not particularly
93. Aliens: sure… it's possible.
94. Soul Mates: yes, depending on how they're defined.
95. Heaven: uncertain
96. Hell: uncertain
98. Kissing on The First Date: depending on the circumstance.
99. Horoscopes: not particularly although they sometimes work! 😉

-Answer Truthfully-
100. Is there someone you're thinking about right now? yes.