Sore but shopping-happy :)

So I went out yesterday and essentially did my January shopping for the year. As a result of carrying around way too many bags and really heavy groceries all in the same day, my arms feel as if I had worked out far too hard at the gym or something…

That said I'm happy: I pretty much accomplished what I needed to accomplish purchase-wise:
— three pairs of shoes (since my feet hurt in EVERY single pair I owned)
— a luxurious robe (I'm wearing it now and it's amazing soft!)
— clothes and undergarments
— In Good Company (DVD with the Gift Certificate I got for my birthday way back when)
— groceries (15% Tuesday!)
— towels (just two but with the Gift Certificate I got in December from one of the volunteer events I was at)
— a bus pass
— a beautiful haircut (thanks Jackie!! I got a TON of compliments on the hair all day!)
— a gift for a friend later in the year

Awesomeness! 🙂