Ten things…

10 things you will (probably) not actually say to the people they are meant for meme

1. I really wish I could actually talk to you, telling you exactly how I feel about things, anything really, and know that you'd really understand me. It's so hard always feeling this distance — I know we're different, and I appreciate that, but it would be so much easier.

2. There are few people in this world that I love and respect as much as I do you. Thank you very much for everything, from the little tiniest moments in the past to all the adventures I hope that we'll have the opportunity to share in the future. I hope to be able to help you when you need help, the least I could do with all that you've done for me.

3. Do you realize just how hard it is to have been such a good friend with you for so much time when we were younger and to not see you anymore, knowing that many of my new aquaintances do not regard you nearly as well as I still think of you. I still consider you a good friend as much as we almost never cross paths.

4. Why does it seem as if you're always avoiding me? I realize that you're only an aquaintance, or distant friend, but it's been unbelievably long and I'd enjoy seeing you sometimes even if it's only to say 'hi' in the street.

5. I really wish I could remember your name. As much as I was never a huge fan of you, it is rather embarrasing to only ever be able to think and refer to you with a stupid, insulting nickname since I can't remember your actual moniker.

6. Do you realize just how frustrated I am that my work disappears so quickly in the mire of time? I wish I got the same respect that others got in the same position, especially from you who could have done something about it.

7. You and your bravery are such an inspiration to me. I find your example so heartening, even if I have no desire to do the very same things as you, even if you are imperfect, even if you've had to deal with things I'd rather never see or feel.

8. I wish I had a phone number for you. You're always so far away and as much as computer communication rocks, I'd love to chat again sometime. It feels like ages have passed.

9. I bet you don't realize just how frustrating it is to watch you: knowing that yes you have to make your own mistakes, have your own motivations and do your own thing, but to watch you spin your wheels (or stall even) and not get anywhere is not pleasant in the least. I want to see you succeed!

10. Even though you're nowhere near perfect, hearing from you and your spirited personality is so helpful in inspiring me to get off my tush and do something semi-productive in my own little realm, thank you!