Back from Margy and Morgan's wedding

So I went to one of the most enjoyable occasions I've had the pleasure to attend in quite some time this weekend. Two of the most amazing individuals I have had the pleasure to befriend were married this weekend, and boy did they both look stunning all gussied up in formal wear. The pit roast beforehand was great fun, as was the pancake breakfast the morning after. The whole weekend was great and made me mentally plan to visit again sometime in the future… sure it's Saskatchewan, a fair trek away, but their family was great, the area a good escape, and Shady Vale would be an excellent location for a retreat away from the everyday.

I danced a bit, enjoyed some great non-alcoholic champagne, listened to the AWESOME tunes of Shifty Morgan (the awesome live country band!), and generally had a great time… who wouldn't? There were fireworks, great food, awesome cake, chats with a bunch of great friends that I missed terribly, chats with people I'd never met before (including CKI alums)…

I was happier this weekend than in a long long time. Stress lifted from my shoulders.

Now if only my files would get ressurected… *sighs*