I'm in an odd mood this evening. Today I worked 8hours, went out to play frisbee with Jeff (which was mighty fun, I might add, having craved frisbee playing for months), and then sat myself back down at the computer… with the intent on installing Heroes of Might and Magic IV and playing it. No such luck. It installed all right (twice) but no playing was to be had. So I uninstalled it and shelved the CDs again… another time perhaps.

Maybe I was just in the mood to play D&D or some other similar role playing game. Maybe I just wanted to play a game of some sort… maybe.

Reading the book I'm reading (The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin) isn't doing it as much as I'm really enjoying the book.

And something tells me I ought to get at least 6ish hours of sleep this evening.

*sighs* life goes on. Something tells me however that folding and putting away my laundry is also not going to solve the mood I'm in.