Twenty-one hours awake isn't so bad of a thing…

Now is the end of another hectic weekend… but a great one. And it all started with the enjoyable events of a Thursday…

Now… as many of you might know (or not) as the case may be, I truly enjoy wonderful conversations with great people, more than many many other things. So when my so called 'weekend' began with a multitude of great such ones on Thursday… following my as usual excellent Comp Lit Can lit class, including conversations with Erin, Ashley, Katie, Kevin, Shauna, Alishia and Anastasia (just to name a few), things were off to a great start! I even got to play with crayons, wooden blocks, glue guns, ribbon and weird little pig-like balls (thanks Anastasia!) at the CKI meeting. Such fun! 🙂 TV viewing was had, followed by some writing, reading, and of course sleep.

Work at 7:30AM isn't always the 100% best thing to start my day… but hey, it was a good one, so Friday morning began. Ending at 1:30, followed by grocery shopping, eating a wonderful lupper (meal time sort of between lunch and supper) and walking to Spruce Ave for some uniball in St. Basil's school gym with the kids from our after school program. Of course that was followed by more fun: off to Dewey's for the official Bacchanal/release party for Fait Accomplit! Yes, that's right: I've a poem published in it, and got to read it at the super successful release party too! Now, although the poem itself isn't perfectly displayed (some words should technically be superimposed upon others), I'm pretty pleased. It's a nifty little volume! They even sold out at the party… and will be making a second run of copies (excellent eh?). I even got to talk to a couple past classmates and have some excellent discussions with Sarah and Graeme before jetting off to meet up with Shreyo and others for his birthday.

Saturday also began with work at 7:30AM, and was also a late night: later than the previous evening. Why? It was Winter Waltz of course, and thus filled with some excellent dancing… perhaps too many foxtrots (what else, when you have LIVE music? The Edmonton Swing Band was great however)… but a great night. I got to know a few new people (like Ryan, Mark and Steve for example) and saw Lorna again for the fist time since she left for the East. It was also good to see Jeff again for the first time since Halloween, and spend some time with Linda, Lana, Darren, Brad, Scott, and so many other excellent people that I've missed seeing regularly…. can you tell I had a great time??? Even BPs was stellar… a feat for that hour of night!

Sunday was a little bit more lazy: another 6 hours of work, and a good long conversation with Kim (interrupted with a nice call by Jeff for which I am glad to thank Shaw Digital's lovely calling features!), and catching up on my internet-y enjoyments.

All in all a great weekend. 🙂 Thanks everyone!