Broken dishes (well one!), first aid, and all sorts of crazy fun times :)

So apparently I haven't posted to my LJ for a little while… now that's all well and good and all, but it likely means that those few individuals who read this don't know much about what's happening in my lil' world (that is, unless you're one of the lucky (?) few who HAVE been seeing me recently…).

Today I broke the first plate that I have managed to smash since living here. I don't often break Corelle dishes (in fact this has been the case ever since I uh… went through the 'breaking Corelle dishes phase'…). Felt kind of horrible to have to pick all that mess up. I gotta totally clean this mess of an apartment… and soon!

I finished getting my first aid yet again today. I won't have to retake that for another 3 years (yay for that!). Interesting dynamics as always when you mix Save-On workers with the various tradespeople who make up the rest of the union.

I went for a glorious hot stone massage near Heritage Mall yesterday. In fact, I have two 20% discount cards (that expire in Sept.)… if I give them to people who use them, I'll even get 20% off myself (and it accumulates so if two people use them I can get 40% off!). Very nifty! 🙂 I've been doing a whole lot of CKI stuff as of late also… it certainly eats my time (but in a GREAT way).

The Football game was fabulous last night (as was the company), and the rest of my adventures have been equally enjoyable (more or less) that is when I'm not going about breaking dishes or shorting myself on sleep for no particularly good reason (shorting myself on sleep for a particularly good reason is another story entirely).