So long and thanks for all the fish

So I finally saw HHGTTG.

And frankly… while I did find it rather short, and like almost any other fan of the book series out there, missing some of my favorite parts from the book… I was impressed.

Rather impressed actually. The movie was a chortle a moment awesome fun time (if you ever needed a tag line from a movie review on this by yours truly… that would likly fit quite reasonably). Really. I rather liked… a lot of little things: like, for example, how the characters used their towels, or how the Vogons were transfered to the screen (although, I must admit that my imagination would have made them rather much more distasteful). Really well done… from the dolphins at the beginning of the movie to the… well… open-endedness at the end (and inevitable provision for a sequel… although Douglas Adams is gone… so who knows what will be decided in that vein *shrugs*).

Marvin was perhaps too cute and loveable (for a manic depressive robot)… I never pictured him that way… but somehow it worked.

I rather thought that the visuals were quite effective.

Also, I really really liked Ford Prefect. Very well done. The book itself was fantastically humorous. Oh, and I rather enjoyed the little things. Like… the different beings that popped up throughout… and the visual effects. Worked very well on the screen. Arthur throwing up yarn was priceless!

One thing I missed the most however… was the page of the original book concerning digital watches. I still don't like (and doubt that I will ever like) numbers on watches. They simply are not so nifty as to belong.