Sleeping = money?

So the other day, I received a phone call. Or rather, there was a message on my answering machine for me. It was from an individual who I really don't expect to receive calls: a staff from the UofA. Now, that said, a zillion possible situations were running through my little brain. These included negative and positive ones, but not a single thought went to the actual situation that would be at hand when I returned her call.

You see… I'm getting another award. Yep. This time it's one of those things that the prof nominates me for, apparently for great work in a course. Afterall, I did get a fabulous mark I guess.

You see the issue I have with the whole thing, is as much as I loved the material we were learning, and participated like a maniac, and well… probably did a rather good job….

I uh… slept in that class.

Why in tarnation should I continue to be rewarded for the classes I sleep in?