Award? Time… Work? Rhyme

So I received an award at work yesterday. I've been working here for nearly 4 years now (no, it doesn't feel like that long) and this was the first time I actually received a SPIFI award (and for once I wasn't a runner up). Part of the issue is that I'm more likely to nominate someone than I am to be nominated… part of it is that I'm simply unremarkable in my workplace environment (although the comment that I served all the customers in my line happily was quite nice… thank you annonymous customer whomever you are!!!!). So I got a congrats from my boss, a SPIFI pen, a pin (which hopefully I don't lose this time), a certificate, and $10 in Starbucks gift cards… not to mention a likely horrible photo of me for the upstairs bulletin board (candid shot, my foot!).

It feels weird to be working almost full time hours as of late. Very weird actually. Probably partly because I've never really worked this many hours at this job in consecutive weeks, but also because I darn well better get me some new shoes soon (I don't like aching feet).

In other news… I'm writing semi-irregularly again. This feels good. Mind you… I tend to degenerate into meaningless rhyme WAY way too frequently… and I rather hate my own rhyming couplets (to put it lightly).

And I'm rather liking the fact that I'm having the time to see people. Even if I am working a lot, I've time for you. I really do have the time. And I'm mustering the courage to call people more often… and so on and so forth… because I KNOW I have the time. My digital phone service isn't connected yet but it's also a motivating factor (soon I'll be able to call you all without worrying about cost if you're in Canada or the continental USA)

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