Finally… all my grades are in! :)

So… after impatiently waiting and waiting and waiting…

My grades are finally available for my viewing! And good gracious… they're GLORIOUS! I've NEVER had such a stupendous GPA… in fact I'm in awe of it… *awwwwww….!*

Yep. Ali is currently basking in the happiness that is a GPA that conceivably means she can hypothetically actually apply to scholarship competitions. Yep. You heard me right… I've finally in my 5th year on campus gotten a 3.5 for the year. I'm shocked. Happy and surprised. Not only did I do darnned fantastic (imho) but I've either BEAT or hit the class average in EVERY single course this year! The one class that I only hit the class average… well… uh… I don't think my mild discouragement with the course itself helped at all. That said… All my grades are either where I expected them to be… or slightly better (surprisingly!)… I'm rather plesantly surprised.

Of course… this semester I slept in class quite a bit less than the norm for past years… so maybe that *MIGHT* have something to do with it (although I don't think it correlates if I were to run the stats)… seeing that I really didn't do anything new and/or different to obtain these marks.