Party re-cap… and my slight cold.

So in two days I've been to two parties… one was my own and another was hosted by one of my glorious friends. In no particular order I have thus learned the following:
1. hosting a party on the night of the opening of HHGTTG may have some effect on attendance
2. An overly full fridge may result in accidents
3. The Strathcona Farmers Market rocks!
4. Snow one week after summer weather is rather annoying
5. Head colds are no fun
6. The Incredibles is a great movie!!
7. Shauna's homemade mac 'n cheese is MOST excellent.
8. Homemade organic cookies are great also
9. I have a friend who sings karaoke Frank Sinatra really well
10. None of us are very good at '90s trivia
11. Cush pillows are quite the interesting conversation piece.
12. Mega organized menus for potlucks can be truly delicious.
13. I'm not as bad at pool as I thought (although I'm pretty close to that bad)
14. Sometimes I don't miss the bus I expect to take.
15. Nicole and Shauna have EXCELLENT skirts!!
16. Food made by many of my friends is also scrumptious
17. I can still dance okay… albeit poorly in running shoes!
18. I NEED to see HHGTTG!!! Hearing all these stories of people who've already seen it… makes me wanna see it even more… especially when THEY haven't even read the book!?!?! *sighs*
19. Cleaner apt means a LOT less stress for me
20. I need to spend more awesome times with the AWESOME friends that I have.